DāM-FunK – “Tranquil Funk” [1994 private press]


This one is treasure. What you are about to hear is unreleased casssette tape from 1994. DāM-FunK put this together in his barroom, just for the love of music and his friends. There are only 16 copies of this tape, but now we have the opportunity after 20 years, to hear the early work of DāM-FunK. Taste.

Selections in order:

1. KDGR Dj announcement
2. Satisfaction
3. L.A. Ride
4. I Know What’z On Your Mind
5. Conversation 2/ Hood Shouts
6. It’s Only U (Feat. Suzanne on demo vocals)
7. Tranquility
8. Outro

Running time: 24:00


*All production, instruments, vocals, recording & music by: DāM-FunK (except vocals on “It’s Only U” by Suzanne)

[Special thanx 2: Peanut Butter Wolf for pulling me up out of obscurity, at the correct time. Big love]