Kaytranada – Kaytra Todo EP


Kaytranada is very talented beatmaker from Canada, Montreal. We already have posted some of his crazy remixes here and here. This time we would like to bring you his own EP called Kaytra Todo, released under HW&W recordings. Ep consist of 8 different songs influenced by hip hop and trap music experiences, but also you can find there awesome mellow chill and extremely soulful track like the one with JMSN, All We Do. Give it a try and Listen.

This particular release from Kaytranada has a slightly different punch compared to our recent releases. Kaytranada is known for his hip-hop infused experimental beats, which makes his tracks a little rougher and a little harder. This Montreal, Canada based producer grinds out beats with generous amounts of hip-hop and trap influence. However, that does not mean that he can’t lay a couple beats to bed in a suave, mystique way. In Kaytranada’s latest EP smackdown Kaytra Todo, you’ll coast through eight songs that boast some aspects of trap and hip-hop. But with a creative license that has minimal boundaries, nit-picky details become irrelevant as you become absorbed in midst of Kaytranada’s latest invention.